day 2 of a design sprint

Sketch Phase

On getting a grasp of what the problem entails as well as choosing a target for the sprint, it gets to the sketch phase. This is the stage where you get to focus on possible solutions to the problem. Basically, what the stage involves is reviewing and improving on the ideas on the ground.

The sketch phase involves people and team members coming together to brainstorm possible solutions to the address the problem on the ground. It has been said that when people think genuinely without any distractions, great proposals come out.

The sketch phase supports creativity as it gives room for team members to brainstorm. After a while, the team comes together to discuss and expand on the idea.

Goals of the Sketch Phase

The primary goal of the sketch process is to come out with different action plans on which the solution can proceed. This sets the bases on which further action plans of the project revolves.

How to prepare for the Sketch Phase

Chose an Important Design process

Depending on the organization, there are design processes always available. The design process of the sketch phase could include redesigning your project or adding a new feature to the project.

Chose the Right People

The success of the sketch phase of the design sprint process is a factor of the team, members. Hence, the caliber of people available should have enough expertise to provide a viable solution to tackle the means at hand

Get a Facilitator

The facilitator will be responsible for managing the sketch process. They should be extroverts, able to carry the entire team member along. Most time, the facilitator is best picked from an outside company.

Set the date

This is needed to ensure that everyone involved will clear their schedule. It is pretty significant to also set aside a room for the sketch phase of the sprint.

Who needs to be involved in the Sketch Phase?

Ideally, the sprint team do have between 4 to 6 people, although, there is room to accommodate more.

The Designer

This is essential if the business does not have one

Product Manager

The Product Manager would be responsible for implementing the solution that comes from the sketch phase of the sprint process.

User Expert

This is the person that liaises with the public. Due to his knowledge through direct contact with the public, he can help with testing the sketch.

The Decider

The personality here is the sole decision maker. He needs to be involved so that the critical points of the sect process are put into use.