day 5 of a design sprint

Validate Phase

In the process of a Design Sprint, the last phase is the so-called “Validate Phase,” and to many, this is thought of as the “Moment of Truth.” Now you need to let the customers test your solution, and you should learn as much as possible by observing them using the prototype that has been developed.

Learning Process

This learning process is absolutely necessary. At this point, you will know if the solution and, of course, the prototype that was developed is the right one. The importance of this Validate Phase could be made more apparent to you using a general example.

Imagine you are a toys manufacturer. Who would you instead have to eventually play with the new toy you are thinking to market, the prototype of which is already sitting on your desk? Would it be someone working at the assembly line? No! You’d better rush home and give it to your 3rd-grade kid.

This Lilliputian expert has all the knowledge you need. Right away, just by watching him or her play with your new toy idea you will be able to validate whether your opinion has any merit and of course, based on this kid’s remarks you will be in the position to go back to your office and start working on the needed improvements.

The Interviews

This is how the Validate Phase of a Design Sprint primarily works. You call in target customers to interact with and react to your solution. To successfully organize this, Validate Phase, you will need an Interviewer who will have a discussion with five different potential customers-users.

These Interviews will be watched by the rest of the people involved in the Sprint. They will take down anything they consider significantly related to the interaction experience the outsiders’ are having.

The observations

While watching the reactions of the clients, immediately you will know whether your prototype has successfully solved the design problem you have been facing. If the way they have interacted with your prototype has shown signs of the same confusion that your product has caused so far, you should immediately realize that the chosen solution has been unsuccessful.

If, on the other hand, the clients seem to interact smoothly and in a relaxed way with the prototype, then you will know that your Design Sprint team did a good job. The vast majority of needed observations are available only after five such interviews.

Respect the Boundaries

Finally, don’t forget, that the time at your disposal for finishing such a Design Sprint is quite limited. You need to have it completed in just five weekdays, and on Friday you won’t be able to accommodate more than five of such interviews.