Design Sprint Team

Customer Representative

Working effectively within the constraints of time is what we do best here at Design Sprint. As such, all roles should support this vision on which our reputation is built. The perfect customer rep should know and be good at all things customer-related. This is especially true for the team at Design Sprint where we quite literally pick the desires of our clients and materialize them in the shortest time without compromise to quality.

Our customer representative needs to be:


Working with limited time is our specialization. All efforts need to be geared towards this goal. Reduce the energy a client uses, and you have their undying loyalty.


Loyalty is good, but gratitude is even better. A client we sort out one time might shy away from asking for help on the same project. Teaching them how to go about all stages of implementation without difficulty will surely earn you gratitude points.


Unclear questions are not uncommon in the cycle of a debate while coming up with an entirely new concept or product. An understanding of the natural curve of any such project and the ability to predict likely outcomes is a valuable tool.


This is not only true for our niche industry but for customers universally. How quickly can you satisfactorily defuse a potentially explosive situation?

Team players

From challenge conception to best prototyping, the whole team at Design Sprint is involved in the entire process. Ideas for improvement are encouraged.

Quick thinking

Customers struggle with products all the time. Your interaction with them as a point of contact in the front lines put the rep in the unique position to apply what they know to suggest to your team what fix could make it work better.


The customer is counting on you to be their voice in the Design Sprint process. Aside from identifying inefficiencies and bugs that they struggle with, you should foresee how changes will affect the customer and advise your team accordingly.


Strange, right? On their sick days, you should be a pillar of empathy and positivity. Help get those confused thoughts understood by your team in the most rational way possible.


Make calls as you read emails while thinking about how to make the product design better. Add face-to-face time with customers, and you still don’t cave under the weight. Now that is a superpower we need.

You might be thinking you will need to be a wizard to handle all these roles. In a way, you would be right. For your team to move beyond doing what is “just enough,” you will have to be all this and more. After all, who would have thought it possible to shrink an entire product design process into a five-day affair? Design Sprint is proof of this.