Design Sprint Team


There are lots of people that make up the design sprint team. One of them is the designer, who is a key member of the team. He stands in as the representation of the users. His input is primal and vital to the success of the project. This article discusses what is expected of the designer on the team as well as the roles he is to play.

What is expected of a Designer?

There are many critical points of the design sprint process where the input of a designer is vital. As a result, a primal understanding of the entire process is essential. This calls for tools like lightning demos and user journey map.

Asides, it is expected of the designer to collaborate with the facilitator and review the agenda. This will help pinpoints spots where the role of a designer is imminent.

One of the major roles of a designer is to understand the challenges of the team and team members. This should happen during the initial stage of the project

It is also expected of a designer to be able to improvise. In some days, during the design process, a lot of idea flows that it could be difficult to capture them all. The expertise of a designer in this stage will ensure they capture all idea and essential information.

A designer must be really good at sketching ideas. There are some activities that involve penning down a lot of ideas in just a limited time. A paper sketch is the only medium of retaining such ideas. Hence, a designer should be good with rough hand sketches.

Role of a designer

On discussing contributions by stakeholders, it is the role of the designer to create an illustration on the whiteboard which will capture what is being discussed. This map illustrates the subject of discussion and should be with minimal gaps or steps.

The map of flow chat is to give members a thorough overview of the process and role of others in the design sprint process.

Equally, it is the role of a designer to present a prototype of the solution. However, this process comes after all the possible solution have been exhausted. The designer should understand that a prototype should be of high quality, appear real and bear the user in mind. This is necessary a sit guides the team towards achieving the goal.

In conclusion, for a sprint design team to be highly effective, the role of a designer is critical. The designer enables team members to research the problem and bring viable ideas to the team