Design Sprint Team


All members comprising a Design Sprint Team are invaluable in what they have to contribute in the procedures to follow. Among these, an Engineer is the one with the best understanding of what exactly is the product you want to develop, or of the solution you want to bring into the existing design.

It should become clear from the start that CEOs and managers, despite their role in a business, do not necessarily know everything! Although they are the ones to make the decisions, it is the experts in a Design Sprint Team who are expected to contribute with their in-depth knowledge. Although the final success of such an endeavor is always based on the combinatory effect of all the expert views on the specific problem - solving procedure. When it comes to an understanding the exact way things work before we end up with a product or the implementation of a new idea, usually it is the Engineer’s view the one that must count more.

For example, if a company is faced with solving a technical misfunction of a device, it is more than satisfied that this Expert has already lots of stuff in his drawer. They are the ones with the most detailed knowledge of the product design, the exact mechanism that is causing all the trouble to users of the product and, furthermore, they are expected to have preliminary work done on solving the specific problem you so fervently need to address.

As would be the case with the contribution of all participating experts, the role of the Engineer begins from day one of the five-day Sprint. Separately from the rest of the experts, the Engineer should be invited, at which point the rest of the Sprint team members are expected to ask for the Expert’s detailed knowledge and their ideas about the given problem. It is of utmost importance to let the Expert repeat, if necessary, things already known, but the focus should be on his ability to pinpoint any mistakes in the outline of the problem-solving scheme already drawn on the whiteboard. The whiteboard, in other words, is really a map to the solution sought and the Engineer will tell the rest of the team where some things could be mapped a bit differently or whether there should be changes made regarding the long-term goals. It is expected that the rest of the team will keep notes of the Expert’s contribution.

In conclusion, the contribution of the Engineer is going to be exploited through a process during which all Expert views will be prioritized offering eventually the Sprint Team a handful of the most exciting ideas and opinions that can be integrated into the next day’s procedures, which aim at producing some plausible solutions.