Design Sprint Team


A facilitator is a neutral individual or individuals who can be trusted to make it possible for an event to be successful. They are outside voice of reason between the parties they are responsible for the parties to have an agreement or also to plan for the future. Sprint team needs a facilitator to facilitate the whole process of coming up with ideas faster and also sound ideas which can push the organization forward. A facilitator acts as a guide in giving guidance to the team for a smooth discussion to ensure. Presence of a facilitator makes it possible for the team to work efficiently and any point of conflict is averted by the facilitator in making sure the sprint team only dwell and discuss aspects of more importance to the organization. The facilitator is there to ensure team works with synergy and also not to take sides when teams are in agreement or not there are there to act as a guide to the sprint team.

What is expected from a facilitator?

Many good things are expected from the facilitator the sprint team depends on the facilitator to ensure that the discussion is productive and many points or objectives of the meeting is achieved. Some of the points expected from the facilitator are:

He or she is supposed to build a community in the sprint team. Where the positions of every individual member in the group are taken into consideration. The facilitator should create an environment where every member of the team feels appreciated. They should not feel left out at any moment they should move forward as a team.

Bring the best out of individuals

The facilitator also has to bring the best out of team members so that they can use their experiences in solving the issues facing the team and reach the team’s objectives.

Time Management

The facilitator also has to ensure that the team are on schedule starting and ending time should be what is on the schedule and also ensure that they keep the team’s covenant.

A guide through the Sprint

The facilitator also as to guide the team through the session so that they can reach the sprint team’s goals.


The facilitator also has to ensure a comfortable tone throughout the session such as tone he/she uses to address the sprint team.

Why is the Role of a facilitator important?

His/her role is crucial because he/she is mainly interested in perfecting the group process for the discussion to be successful and objectives achieved. He/she can participate in the debate by giving the sprint team insightful sights about the area of, but his/her primary focus is on the process to be flawless and successful. So when choosing a facilitator for your team discussion go for the best and a facilitator who is also interested in your topic of discussion.