Design Sprint Team

Marketing Executive

In general, a marketing team is a group of marketers whose role is to assist customers through the product buying process. Marketing produces materials that support customers at each stage of the buying process. Marketing executives develop sales strategies for matching customer needs and promoting products.

What is expected from a marketing executive?

In sprint design team, a lot is expected from a marketing executive. The marketing executive is responsible for these three key roles:

Creating the product vision

A marketing executive is responsible for articulating vision about how a product will be marketed. The product vision typically includes quarterly themes, seasonal themes, and long-term vision. Quarterly marketing themes include what the company is trying to focus on in the short term. Quarterly topics are limited regarding the number and are typically two or three. Annual arguments emphasis on yearly marketing goals. Each theme should have a way of measuring success.

The long-term vision includes one or more of these items:

  • The market you are selling to
  • Problems you are solving and implications of solving the problems
  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality
  • Supporting messages
  • Buyer’s journey
  • Core metric, that is how marketing will be measured.

Setting Priorities

A marketing executive is also expected to set priorities. Whichever marketing strategy that the marketing team is using, be it Scrum, Kanban or a combination of different approaches, the executive has to set priorities.

Allocating Resources

The executive responsible for marketing allocates resources accordingly to ensure that everything gets done efficiently without any bottlenecks. If some skill sets involved in marketing are not resourced adequately, they may become bottlenecks that prevent the work from getting done. The marketing executive has to allocate resources such as headcount to eliminate bottlenecks.

Why the role of a marketing executive is important?

The heart of success in promoting and selling a product lies in its marketing. Without a marketing executive and his or her team of marketers, potential customers would never know about a product. Hence, the role of a marketing executive is essential based on the following reasons:

Getting the word out

A product must be understood to potential customers for a business to succeed. Marketing makes it possible for a product to be discovered by prospective buyers.

Increasing sales

Once the word is out, chances of consumers making purchases increase. Once there is awareness, new buyers will also spread the word to friends and family about the new product they have discovered.

Building a company reputation

Marketing makes a brand name that assists in developing a firm reputation.

Nurturing healthy competition

The role of marketing is essential for it to cultivates a robust marketplace. The word that goes out also reaches to competitors, thereby fostering healthy competition.