Design Sprint Team

Product Chief

The product chief, also known as the Shot-caller or decider is a significant player in the design sprint team. The Product Chief is basically the key decision maker in the design sprint.

Usually, he or she is the boss, owner, CEO or VP of the product but this is not always the case. In some cases, it can be the lead engineer, head of the customer service or sales executive.

The Product Chief should be the most knowledgeable about the product and the problem the design team is trying to solve.

Before even considering filling the other roles of the design sprint, a product chief or decider should be the first person to be picked. You can have one or two deciders on a team.

What is expected from a Product chief?

The Product Chief should be highly knowledgeable about the product and the challenge the design team is set out to tackle.

The Product Chief should make final decisions concerning discussions, especially if the team cannot agree, he or she should make a final call. For example, when picking a target customer, the team can weigh in, but the Product chief makes the last call.

Another example, in case there is a need to gather ideas from the group quickly, people can write down ideas individually then list them on the whiteboard. The product chief/decider then peaks the winning idea.

The Product Chief should be present at every meeting, if they cannot, they should appoint a delegate to represent them.

The Product Chief should be in charge of implementing the solutions that come out of the design sprint.

The product chief can approve ideas as valid or reject them if they are impractical for the product development process.

Why is the role of a Product chief essential?

To get an actionable solution out of the design sprint, you will need a product chief. Without the Product chief, decisions won’t stick. The decisions of the product chief are a finality, this speeds up the process of generating productive ideas.

When tough decisions appear, there will be a need to defer to the product chief to make the call. The product chief is responsible for approving all strategies to be used by the design sprint team.

Since the product chief is most knowledgeable about the product. His input is vital for the product development process. In the end, his decisions will define the final output of the design sprint.