Scrum Events

Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is time working session that will last on average one hour for each week of the sprint. All of the team need to agree to finish a set of the product backlog items. According to this will define the sprint backlog which is based on the team’s capacity and the length of the sprint.

Who does it?

Sprint planning is a group effort. It involves the master that organizes the meeting, the product owner, who confirms details of the backlog and their acceptance criteria and the whole Agile Team as well, these people define the work and make sure they are meeting their sprint commitment.

Who attends?

Sprint planning is done via a meeting that is attended by the Scrum master, the entire Scrum tea and the product owner. Outsiders can participate if by invitation from the group, however, this is quite rare.

Sprint backlogs

The goal of the sprint is used to give a quick report to those who are outside of the sprint. They are the stakeholders who want updates about what is being worked on. The stakeholders don’t want to hear it all in detail so be sure just to give a quick and easy description. The success of the sprint is discussed during a review meeting that is against the sprinting goal rather than only the specific items from the backlog. Sprint backlog being the output of spring planning is just the list of a backlog that the team commits to deliver. Also included in the delivery is the list of tasks that are needed to provide the product backlogs.

The steps for planning:

  • Remind the team of the goal
  • Go over any information that can have an impact
  • Confirm the team’s capacity
  • Go through known issues and concerns and record them as you do
  • Review the done definition and make any updates that are based on skill, technology and member changes since the previous sprint.
  • Present the product backlog to consider items for the backlog
  • Know the needs, sign up and know what work is owned
  • Here the product owner can clarify anything and elaborate on the criteria for acceptance
  • Confirm new problems raised during the meeting
  • Confirm all dependencies that were discovered during the planning part
  • Scrum master requests a group agreement on the plan
  • Once an agreement has been reached it’s time to get started.

The sprint goal and sprint backlog are the essential parts when talking about sprint planning don’t get distracted and sidetracked. Stick to the steps and always be up to date with the planning to avoid delays.