Scrum Events

Sprint Retrospective

Sprint retrospective is held after every stage of the sprint event. The purpose is to discuss, examine, analyze and reflect on ideas on the progress of the team so far. Hence, retrospective as a scrum meeting allows team members to reflect on what is going, and what needs to be adjusted.

Sprint retrospective is essential for the team. It is a way to improve the productivity of the team. It is a means to keep the team spirit alive and ensure the team does not deviate from the project goal.

Goals of a Team Retrospective Meeting

Think and Discuss

Through the sprint retrospective process, the team will think and discuss on how it can be more effective. Behavior will provide a basis for behavior adjustment.

Fosters Trust

It fosters trust and participation among members of the team

Courage and Openness

It is a means to provide an avenue for team members to voice out their opinions

Review the Process

Through the sprint retrospective process, the progress can be examined and hindrances to progress tackled.

Solve complex problems

It is a means to effectively solve the more complex problem by devoting more attention to it.

Align the Team

It helps to ensure that the team effort is progressing in the line of the project objective.

The sprint retrospective stage comes just after the sprint review process. The scrum master must ensure that all participants are present since this is an avenue for the team to improve.

At the sprint retrospective meeting, the team discusses the following:

  • What went according to plan in the sprint
  • Where the team or the sprint needs improvement
  • Ideas to improve the next sprint process.

Tips to structure a lively sprint retrospective

Additions and Removals

A useful sprint retrospective meeting is a good place to ask each team members what they feel the team should start doing, stop doing or continue doing. This will help give a productive sprint process.

Each member should participate

Instead of the scrum master anchoring the meeting, each team member can take turn facilitating the meeting. This will give room for variety and fresh ideas in every session.

Vary Your Location

The effect of switching venues for sprint meeting cannot be overemphasized. It might bring inspiration using the park, a coffee shop, etc. for a sprint retrospective meeting

Appreciate each team members

Acknowledging the contribution of the entire team members is a way to have a productive sprint retrospective meeting. It is a way to stay motivated and remain relevant to the team.