Scrum Events

Sprint Review

The Sprint review is a part of the Scrum framework. It is a presentation held by the Product Owner and the Scrum Team with the goal to solicit feedback for the current work. The main tasks of the event are for the team to review the work that didn't get completed, as well as to discuss the finished work. The Sprint review ends by establishing the guidelines for future work and priority issues to resolve. Sprint reviews take up anywhere from two to four hours, depending on whether they're done monthly or every two weeks.

Structure of a Sprint Review

Sprint review should be time-saving and effective, with on-point communication and well-planned presentations. Here are the basic parts of every Sprint review:

Short Introduction

The product owner should introduce themselves and all of the participants since it’s possible not all of them know each other.

Set Ground Rules and Expectations

Some product owners like to guide the participants about expressing opinions, vocabulary, and other guidelines for effective interaction.

A Brief Overview of Features That Will be Reviewed

It’s a good idea to present the stakeholders with a comprehensive table listing all the features that you’ll be discussing, the size/number of the elements, as well as the working status on those features. The goal of this is to save time on addressing items that don’t require feedback, but wave the rule and explain any function if asked about.

Demonstrate New Functionalities

This is the core portion of a sprint review. In some cases, it might be the only part. Demonstrating a product to the stakeholders is best done by an owner, particularly if you’re working with challenging stakeholders.

Address Major Issues

The next item on the agenda for the sprint would be to discuss the most critical issues with the backlog items. This is a role for either the Sprint Master or the Product owner to play. Many favorize Sprint Masters in this case because this part of the demonstration focuses more on the process rather than the product itself.

List the Upcoming Items

Finally, list the backlog items that will be discussed during the following sprints. Since the goal of the Sprint review is to gain feedback, the stakeholders’ opinions will affect the things on the list for the following reviews.

Sprint Review Participants

Sprint Reviews are held for the stakeholders by the Scrum Team (led by a Scrum Master) and the Product Owner. The Product Owner handles the majority of the Sprint Review, while the Scrum Master wraps up the meeting and points out the issues the Scrum Team will work on for the next review.