Scrum Pillars


First and foremost, it’s a fact that the outcome of the project is as the collective efforts of everyone in the team and as such, everyone has to be kept abreast on all the events taking place throughout the project. These events have to be laid down just for everyone to understand. Transparency is a key factor necessary for a successful outcome in agile software development and should never be taken for granted. Sometimes, the ability of an organization to keep things open to everyone involved can be challenging, but for the sake of the common goal, the scrum framework maintains that significant aspects of the procedure have to be open.

When team members are not left in the dark, they’ll be an increased level of trust. Trust in the project owner brings about a more united team. When the project owner is transparent about his project, the team can probably key in to ensure the success of the project. Trust will help the teamwork decisively and also problems affecting the project can be easily seen and treated. Transparency in the team will help maintain focus among team members. When the completion of milestones is made available, the team will be focused on the next aspects of the project and how to accomplish them. Willingness to work or moral is what keeps the job going, and this is what transparency can bring to the team. The actual speed at which job is completed can be recorded only when there is transparency.

The use of burndown can establish transparency or sometimes, burnup charts to display the team’s progress or performance. The method of raw data and not hiding things provides the agile team with the needed freedom to work effectively.