Scrum Team

Development Team

The scrum development team has skilled professionals who deliver releasable additions of the finished creation at the finish of each sprint. The done increment will be required during the sprint review.

It can only be the developer that can create the increment no other team members of the scrum unit can. The development teams can manage the work well if they are structured well and permitted by the company. With cooperation and encouragement, the team is able to work efficiently and effectively to get the job done.

You will find development teams have certain features:


They work in a self-organizing manner, they don’t need instructions from the Scrum Master when it comes to turning product backlogs into releasable functionality.

All skills required

The developer is enriched with all the skills within the team to create the product addition.

No titles - no hierarchy

The developer has no title regardless of the work that gets done by the particular team member.

No sub-teams

There are no sub-teams within the development team even though there are specific roles like testing, business analysis, and architecture.

Team over individuals

The developer will have particular skills that they are focused in. However, the overall responsibility belongs to the team altogether, working as a whole.

Shared effort

The developer will have a team that is able to complete a heavy load of work within a sprint but isn’t overly huge that it cannot remain agile enough.

At least 3 but not more than 9 members

There really should be no less than a group of three in a developer team as it decreases the better results. If you have a smaller development crew, then you may find restrictions on the skill levels which can then cause the team to forfeit a releasable increment within the timeframe.

We then go on to looking at having more than nine in the development crew which will require too much direction.

Having an extra large team gives off to much difficulty for a practical process to be of any use.

Responsibilities of a Scrum Developer

If you are a Scrum developer you have the following responsibilities:

  • Achieve goals that are needed for each of the sprints
  • Be able to predict the effort required to complete the project
  • Write user stories for the product features and be able to divide them into smaller projects
  • Attend Scrum meetings, and you must report completed tasks for each day
  • Work within a team environment among other developers
  • Be self- motivated, have good collaboration skills and be analytical.