Scrum Values


There are situations where one might need to convince clients, colleagues or the top management that taking part in Scrum is worth the risk. This will require being fearless and the courage to address people, which might involve you breaking the chain of command at times. As a result, one needs to be convinced of the argument on showing Scrum to people.

Courage is also essential to for the client or company to have faith in the Scrum process. This will provide the necessary backing to take up the work that is required to satisfy the product requirement.

Courage is the third in a five-part process that reveals the Scrum values. The Scrum values are focus, openness, courage, commitment, and respect. To achieve courage, it requires more than just having a knowledge of it.

The benefit of having Courage

  • In tackling problems that prove difficult, courage is essential
  • In nurturing and growing high performing team, courage is vital
  • When there is a pressure to deliver on time, it takes courage to be transparent about the progress
  • It is courage that helps keep the undone task from the reach of stakeholders
  • When we need help, when we don’t know how to go about something, it takes courage to voice out.
  • When other team members are not committed to the team, it takes courage to hold them accountable
  • It takes courage to be honest with customers or clients when we made the mistake that put us in a wrong spot

Areas the team needs Courage

There are many areas the team needs to demonstrate Courage. I will discuss a few of them below:

Planning meeting

At the planning meeting when the team feels the proposal is not worth it, they need courage in rejecting the offer.

Voice out an issue

Being able to voice out an issue that affects the continuity of a project also requires courage. This will allow the team members to address the issue and get the idea off the table.

Trust in the team

As regards product owner, courage is necessary for believing the effort of the team to accomplish the task at hand effectively.

Proposing improvements

Also, in proposing an improvement to the project and the process involved at hand, team members need to demonstrate courage.

For a team to be bold, investors need to be confident on the side and allow them to fail at times, this will enable them to learn from their mistakes. Should the team be scared of the terrible consequence of failure, their innovation will be affected, limiting their ability to take the risk.

All in all, courage is primal and needed at every stage of the project. With courage, the team will be able to work at full capacity.