Scrum Values


Openness is a value upon which the scrum framework functions. The scrum process requires clarity and transparency. It can be pointed out that for teamwork to be successful, there has to be a certain level of openness in the sense that, if a member of the team encounters difficulty in completing a task due to one hitch or the other, he/she should be able to speak up in order to seek assistance from other members.

This entire concept can be seen in Scrum as they are known to be open about their work, work relationships, progress, and challenges. Scrum is also known to be open to collaborating across various disciplines. They give and receive feedback from projects and learn from one another. They are free to change as an organization as the world it operates in is subject to constant change.

Why Openness Is Important To The Scrum Process?

Truth is without openness, one may not be able to maximize the benefits of Scrum. The significance of openness is known, but many often find it hard to understand what it actually means, how to recognize openness and even how it is applied. In trying to illuminate on the importance of openness, here are some points

First of all, openness allows a member of the team to ask for help and offer assistance to each other thus facilitating teamwork and allowing for better and more efficient productivity. Openness also enables team members to share their ideas and opinions without feeling intimidated or left out. It gives the entire “part of a team” vibe as one is able to make suggestions, reel out perspectives and make contributions thereby by allowing each and every member of the team be part of general team decisions. The Scrum framework itself entails elements that promote openness.

For example; In as much as a Sprint Goal is usually fixed and provides complete guidance, the plan for meeting Sprint Goal is open to change as well as amendments at any time. Also, a transparent Product-Backlog demonstrates openness with stakeholders with regards to what’s planned for the product as well as what’s not, as well as possible future tactics. There is focus on continual improvement of team interactions, and their processes. This automatically invites openness to feedback, review, and reflection.

In conclusion, it can be said that openness is a scrum-value that cannot be overemphasized. It, among other values, work hand in hand to ensure the total success of the Scrum process.