Extreme Programming Practice

10-Minute Build

The 10-minute build practice is an extreme programming practice where the code base is designed by the developer to be built automatically. The code base is also designed to test run in ten minutes or less. It is from the amount of time required for the code base to finish running all tests that the 10-minute build derives its name.

The code base may be designed to run tests periodically at appointed intervals or may run tests by the command of the developer. All checks, however, must be completed within ten minutes. It is important to note that code bases that do not complete test running within ten minutes may not be implemented in the 10-minute build practice. The apparent advantage of this practice is that it allows easy testing of all products at any time, this would enable constant check and detection of defects which can easily be corrected.

Some of the advantages of practicing the 10 Minute Build include;

Short time feedback

All products can be built and tested independently in a short time. This would allow each workstation to have the ability to prove or improve upon any product without requesting for the attention of other team members. This would enable the localization of defects which would aid correction.

Offline builds

Developers can still develop and run tests even when they workstation is disconnected from the network. Problems such as disconnection would not have such an effect because the developers can merely run tests and begin from where the interruption occurred. This ensures that more efficient work is done in even less time thereby increasing the productivity of the team.

Get a rhythm

The 10 Minute Build also encourages developers to hit a rhythm and good stride when working on a product. The short breaks that they would get while also running multiple builds and tests would allow them to get a chance to get more comfortable or ease them.

Steps to take to implement the 10 Minute Build include fully;

Create a Local Build

It is crucial first to create a local build that would serve as the foundation on which the automated build dwells upon. The possession of a local build would give the developers a chance to test anytime they choose to.

Make the Build Script simple

Having a simple build is important because it is easy to build u from that. Most developers hurry and develop a build that is intended to cover all possible outcomes from the first stage of the build; this causes complications as the project develops.

Automate all builds with continuous integration every few hours

All the builds or tests that are run in the 10-minute build must be followed up with continuous integration.

The developers must ensure that there is a build on the computer at the workstation and another build on the machine that is used for integration.