Extreme Programming Practice

Energized Work

As it were, you may be aware of specific Extreme Programming practices including test-first incremental design and continuous integration among others. Well, for you to gain the most from each particular practice, you must be fully aware of the values and rules governing the practices. It can sometimes be so painful and time wasting, trying to generate tests just because you want them to meet a particular job requirement. It is therefore good to bear in mind that by so doing, you will be offering details not only to yourself but to other developers as well. Instead, it would be better if you did and enjoyed TDD.

As a matter of fact, the XP practices are classified as primary and corollary. In which case, the primary practices are specifically designed as the basis of any given project as they provide you with instant results. While there are a number of these fundamental practices we can easily incorporate into our workflow, we are going to focus most on the Energized Work practice.

There is no doubt that each one of us has tried it at one point. Taking too long and spending extra hours only to find yourself dead worn out. Well, it is time to have some rest and work to the maximum while you are still productive lest time catches up with you. While you may be made to believe that spending more time to complete a particular project is a good practice, there is the need to ensure that you are working within a specific time frame.

The most important point to note is that there is no way you can meet unrealistic deadlines, and since this may not be your mistake, it is always good to focus on achieving the best at a regular and reasonable speed and allow others to take control of their hopes. So, what does energized work entail? In the real sense, there is actually no way you can be productive when you are damn tired. You’ll definitely perform well when at your best and this is the real part of this practice.

Thus, you will find it very easy integrating the energized practice into your work follow considering that it forms that basis of any given task. As such, you only need to understand the value of every effort you put into a specific project and time spend concerning the outcome. This will help you determine if you are on the right track. Hence, if you really understand how much costly time is, you wouldn’t want to put any of it to waste. Thus, energized work is a practice you should embrace at all costs.