Extreme Programming Practice

Planning Game

Extreme programming software development methodology is becoming one of the top software development approaches that ensure customer satisfaction, better design and smooth project development in the software engineering companies. One of the unique features of this method is its planning process which is technically referred to as XP planning game.

XP planning game proceeds in the form of a well-organized meeting and cooperation between the customers and software developers. XP planning game process is structured to ensure perfection, better software design, natural project development, and management. XP planning game is polarized into two parts - Release planning and Iteration planning.

Release planning

This is the first part in extreme programming planning game. This part of XP planning game involves both the customer and the software developers. It consists of planning features and requirements of a new software program. It is divided into three phases which includes:

Exploration phase

During this phase, customers will describe kind of software they want and how they want the software to work. This involves listing the requirements of the proposed software. Customer descriptions will be written on user story cards. The user story cards serve as a guide for the development of the proposed software design.

Commitment phase

In the course of this phase, the customer and the developers will ponder on the functionality of the recommended software. They will also agree on the release date of the recommended software.

Steering phase

This phase involves reviewing the proposed plans and requirement s of the software. The customer and developer will look into how best the procedures and requirements can satisfy the need of the customer. Subsequently, they can adjust or change the plans and also include new elements to ensure a better and perfect software design.

Iteration planning

This is the second part in XP planning game. Unlike release planning, this part does not involve the customer; that is, only the developers are concerned. It features the implementation of the proposed plans and requirement recorded in the first phase. Iteration planning is also divided into three phases which includes:

Iteration Planning

Exploration phase

Here, the developers will work on the software requirements as written in the user story card and translate them into specific tasks. These tasks will then be written in the task card.

Commitment phase

In this phase, each of the recorded tasks will be assigned to programmers. Developers will also decide on the duration of each job to ensure accountability and efficiency.

Steering phase

This is the final phase in XP planning game. This phase features the completion of the tasks and software design evaluation. Having completed the tasks, the developers will then compare the design to the requirements recorded in the user story card. If the design matches the demand, the model will be considered perfect. However, if the visuals do not match the requirements, the developers may have to make some adjustment to make sure that the plan meets the exact needs of the customer.

XP Planning game is a core element of the extreme programming software development technology. The game helps to enhance better customer satisfaction, good customer-developer relationship, and natural software development. It also emphasizes teamwork among developers. As such, it helps to ensure that all goes as planned.