Extreme Programming Practice

Quarterly Cycle

Quarterly Cycle Amongst the twelve primary practices of XP comes Quarterly Cycle. Quarterly Cycle along with the other practices helps in assuring a real flow for Extreme Programming. The primary purpose of Quarterly Cycle is to keep an overall track of the project. This in-depth means a Quarterly cycle is like an index to all the weekly cycles happening in the project. A quarterly cycle will also help in eliminating minute details and will enable us to focus on the critical areas of the project.

Basically, a Quarterly cycle will help in the planning stage of the project. It is like keeping a bird’s eye view of the entire project to stay up to date on the overall progress and phases of the project.

The quarterly cycle also aids in going back and rechecking, if the outcome of the program is as desired or if any changes are to be made so as the expected result is obtained. You can go back and re-evaluate the process with the help of a quarterly cycle, making necessary alterations in the plan which enhances the end result.

Since the quarterly training consists of only the critical ingredients of weekly cycles, it helps in removing all the unnecessary clutter in the project and solely focuses on the primary goal.

An added advantage of a Quarterly cycle is that the client can use this to elaborate the group on what is required out of the project. On the other hand, the client can also share this with investors who look for an overall view of the project.

By implementing a quarterly cycle, the primary requirement of the project should be outlined. Next comes the critical notables of the weekly cycles. Collaborating the weekly cycles will help in getting an excellent quarterly cycle.

While stories of the project can be used for weekly cycles, use the quarterly cycle to focus on the themes, which contain these stories. On coming up with the quarterly cycle, on should have in mind that the stories mentioned should be precise. This is because the chances of reworking the story are high which is why the inclusion of themes is essential.

Analysing the weekly cycle on a weekly basis will help in revisiting the quarterly cycle and to make necessary changes. This is essential as the changes in the quarterly cycle will impact big. Hence regular updates on quarterly cycle while reworking on the weekly cycle will keep all the team members in the same line. Implementing a quarterly cycle in the mentioned way will not only improve the overall outcome of the project but will also help in easing out the development stages of any project.

Also, a quarterly cycle will also play as a map in designing the plan for the upcoming quarter.