Extreme Programming Practice

Sit Together

The Sit Together is an extreme programming practice in which all programmers on teamwork simultaneously within one workspace. The room may have separate workstations where the team members can work individually or in smaller groups of twos (Peer Programming). It is advised that there be a board or projector screen where general plans or instructions from the team leader may be written.

The benefit of the sit together technique is that it allows all members of a programming team communicate directly while the program is being written. The improved communication helps the division of labor because each side is instantly aware of the progress made by the others

The Benefits of Sit Together technique of Extreme Programming include;

Simple Problem Solving

Using the sit together practice also increases the chances of having a problem solved, just because there are more experts to ponder on each issue. Any member of the team facing a particular issue would seek help which is granted immediately.

Avoid Misunderstanding

Direct communication among team members leaves very little room for misunderstanding. A team member needs merely to request help or answers from a colleague by just calling out. The requests of other members can be addressed immediately in the room designed for the sit together.

Immediate answers

Sit Together wholly removes the time that would be wasted if team members needed to wait for answers. This ensures that more efficient work is done in even less time thereby increasing the productivity of the team.

Team Spirit

This practice also develops team spirit amongst the programmers.

How to get the best out of the sit together practice?

Physical Presence

All the members of the team must be available physically. The practice is only useful when all members are allowed to sit together in the same workroom. If a member of the team is absent, a video link can be established, or another colleague that is capable would take that vacancy.

Site closely

The team members must sit close enough that conversations can be had without the need to shout or leaving the workstation. It would be prudent to ensure that the members that need to maintain steady communication are allowed to sit together.

Ask, if you don’t know.

All members of the team must be encouraged to ask for help as well as grant the advice when it is requested of them. The sit together practice may prove fruitless if the team members fail to utilize the opportunity for other reasons which may include personal differences.

Don’t disturb others

The workspace must be designed in such a way that the communications and activities between the team members do not affect the concentration of other programmers. It is also important to note that the room housing the workstations must be well ventilated and could be sound proof if the need arises.

Draw & Scribble

There should be a white board where the team members can have an informative workspace. The sit together would include short meetings where team members may exchange ideas.

Sit Together is a good XP practice that may be best employed by teams working towards a common goal. The only disadvantage to this practice is that it leaves little room for privacy. All the programming done by each works station may be readily accessible to all the members of the team.