Extreme Programming Practice

Practicing of Stories

The term story seems to be unfamiliar with the programming, but actually, it is entirely related with the Extreme Programming Practice. This is a part of the Agile Methodology’s Extreme Programming Practicing factor, in which the product development is done on the bases of the story statement of the user for whom the product is to be designed. The story is a three-sentence text document provided by the user-written on his user card and termed as “User Story.” This is not the document that contains the detailed requirement information of the user, but it is a document that is created and submitted by the user before submitting his detailed requirement document. The extreme programming practice is done on the bases of this user story.

We can consider the Story as a base of estimation about the total time a product needs to implement the user story. Basically, the user story is a way of finding, “what the user needs from the system? For solving this question, you have to do the Extreme Programming Practice of the User Stories. Estimate a user story require 2 to 3 weeks for its implementation. It’s an ideal time for development. This user story helps you to create a perfect release plan during Release Planning. So creating a perfect product based on accurate release planning you have to do the Extreme Programming Practice of the “Stories.”

Whenever you have to make a release plan for the release of your new product, then you have to go through some phases such as the Exploration Phase, the Commitment Phase and Steering Phase.

The Exploration Phase is a part for practicing Stories. So for the Extreme Programming Practice of Stories, you have to complete the Exploration Phase of the Release Planning. This practice can be done by following three steps:

Write a Story

When a problem is detected in the product development process, it needs to check the user story for estimating solutions for that problem, but makes sure that the development process has no influence on the user stories. It should be clearly written on the user card. The user story is created by collecting the requirements of the user and then decided “What to do?” And “How to do that?”

Estimate a Story

After writing a useful user story, you have to make an estimate of how long it takes to implement that written story.

Split the Story

When the story is not estimated adequately during the development, then split the story and writes it again.