Extreme Programming Practice

Whole Team

Achieve a desirable final product in a professional software development process is an emphasis that has to be put on the importance of working together. In a whole-team approach, all individuals possessing the necessary skills required in working towards achieving a common target need to put in a synchronized effort to ensure the project is a success.

The best way of doing this is by assembling all the specialists in a single room or place. This team includes the following specialists:

On-Site Customer

An on-site customer who will give out the accepted standards of the final product.


Analysts who will help interpret and define the necessary requirements of the software developers to code and design the software.


Testers to assess the codes, their workability and if they are a good fit for the essential purpose.

Project Managers

Project managers who will help foresee the planning and implementation of the project as well as aide in external communication.

The role played by each of these specialists is significant, and there is a need for each of them to educate others to make them understand the importance of his/her role in achieving the target objective.

The individual will also need to understand the significance of all the other team members’ roles. At such a point where there is a perfect understanding prevailing among the team members, then they will cease to be specialists and become a team of general contributors with each possessing a particular skill.

Putting all of these people in a single working spot increases the efficiency by creating a smooth communication channel, and hence doing away with long feedback loops. All stalling conditions in the development process will be eliminated making the whole process fluid, and this will ensure that results are achieved in real time.

The benefits of working as a cross-functional team in a whole-team process are as follows:


Through teamwork and cooperation accompanied by frequent communication, members will be able to build durable and long-lasting interpersonal relationships.

Learn from each other

The individuals will share information and therefore learn from each other.

There will be a collective responsibility, and as such, all the members will strive to make the project a success. The most important thing that an agile development team in Extreme Programming endeavor to achieve is a quality end product. They will, therefore, guide each other through every step and set up informal meetings to try and improve the overall attributes of the software. This component is therefore essential in an agile software development process.