Roles in Extreme Programming (XP)


When a team, takes on the role of a coach they will have their work cut out for them. As you read below, you will fully understand exactly what your role entails. So, read it carefully because you will need to know everything about your position and you must apply this to your role as a coach and the team members you are working with.

Coaching is a crucial role with a lot of responsibility. A coach, responsibility includes: watching over the entire project; a coach must make sure everything is running smooth. Some other roles a coach must do is to mentor their team this is important because people are counting on their coach to lead them in the right direction. The coach must also be firm and ready to go at all times.

Role support towards efficiency

As for the role support efficiency, the coach is the person that sees something and then have the team create it. And during this process, the coach is there from start to finish. Reassuring the team that they are doing a great job goes a long way when you are the coach.

The coach also keeps things together, and if a team member is not helping the team, the coach must deal with them. Sometimes so the team can continue to function correctly the coach may fire a team member. While this is a sad thing to do sometimes as a coach you must do it.

Coaching is a vital role that has to be handled by a person who is very qualified to take on the part. When things are not right, the coach may send a signal. Coaching has to make sure everything is okay.

Coaching is the most crucial role and a very delicate role because if a coach is a mean talking person they can risk hurting a team members feelings and then the coach will face more problems. Nobody wants to work with someone who does not respect them, and once that happens, the coach will be on your own without a team.

The coach will have to keep their team members happy, and the team members will bring the coaches vision to life and in the end that is all that matters.

In conclusion, the coach is playing a significant role in extreme programming, therefore, respect all fellow team members and treat them the way you want to be addressed because the coach really needs them. And without them, the coaches vision will only be a vision. And they should always keep this information in mind no matter what. And your team members will be there with you all the way. Always remember that your team is there waiting for all the way with you.