Roles in Extreme Programming (XP)

Developer / Programmer

In software development, the most critical and crucial role is that of a developer. A programmer will write the codes for the software and perform all the tasks involved in the entire project.

Responsibilities of a Developer

Estimate stories

The programmer approximately the total effort required to clear the backlog of a given system. This is achieved by approximating the total quantity of work to be done, any uncertainty involved in doing the work, and the normal difficulty to be encountered in the process of completing the task at hand.

Define tasks from stories

The developer will need to identify the various functions to be undertaken to achieve each given story.

Estimate tasks

Using the available tools and resources, a developer will estimate the duration needed to complete each task. He/she will have to break down larger tasks into small manageable ones.

Write unit tests

Programmers have to develop unit tests in XP to help safeguard their version from being harmed by other team members’ codes. These are also used to determine whether the software is ready and fit for consumer use.

Write code

The key role of the programmer is to code. This specialist writes down a source code for a given program that’s intended to meet the customer’s stipulated business goals.

Perform unit testing

The developer runs every single component’s modules, usability, and operational procedures to test whether they are ready for use. All the elements have to pass by 100% for the software development process to proceed.


The programmer has to rectify the internal factoring of software, in the case that’s it’s poorly structured, to enhance its functionality at the same time not altering the external structure of the product.

Continuously integrate

In an XP process, each developer will need to share their versions with the other members of the team. He/she, therefore, will have to share any slight change in his/her version through a common repository.

Since developers are members of a team in extreme programming, they will always be in constant communication and discussion on the best possible codes for the project. This, as a result, will lead to the developers writing simple codes that can be developed further even in their absence. Developers work under the collective ownership rule and will strive to make the project a success.

A developer makes the necessary estimates for the project and therefore plays a crucial role in increasing the overall efficiency of the development process. This guides the whole team to know whether they are on due course or behind the clock.