Interview for Scrum Master

Top Interview Questions for a Scrum-Master

It's good to know how to prepare yourself for interview questions for the position of scrum-master. Such knowledge is essential for anyone who wants to work for some of the prime companies in the world or aspiring start-ups among all domains.

by Pete R.

Top Interview Questions for a Scrum-Master

These companies hire plenty of scrum-masters. By 2026, the industry will have grown by around 24 percent. In this article, we look at some of the questions anyone wishing to lead a team of scrums should be ready to answer during interviews.

How do you maintain your energy levels?

Prospective employers often ask such a question to gauge how the aspiring Scrum-Master fits into their teams. The primary purpose of the item is to discover whether one is an introvert or extrovert.

What do you think of people who love changing their minds?

In the world of software development, you will often encounter people who love changing their positions/minds. Because of this, employers would like to know how you interact with such people. What was your experience with them? How did you handle the situation?

What do you think about people who don’t recognize your efforts?

Occasionally, individuals in software development teams don’t recognize the efforts of their colleagues. At such moments, one needs to know how to handle these situations. Your employers are likely to ask you about these types of encounters.

Can you speak up when your idea goes against what the whole team wants to do?

Often, Scrum-Masters have the final say on many issues. However, they also need to provide direction without necessarily being dictatorial. It can be quite challenging balancing between the two. Employers want to know if you can speak up when your idea seems unpopular.

What do you consider the best agile mindset?

While answering this question, the prospective employer will be testing your knowledge on this matter. More crucially, the employer will get a chance to gauge your thoughts on this issue and evaluate how you – with your understanding – fit into the team.

How do you create good teamwork?

Additionally, expect the interviewers to ask you questions regarding teamwork. Often, they will want to find out if you know what to do to create good collaboration. How do you intend to motivate the team to work together as one?

Can you explain what agile is in under a minute?

How much do you know about agile? Do you know what your role is in the team of scrums? Therefore, be ready to face this question. Polish up on your knowledge of this matter. Find ways of explaining your understanding of it in the shortest time possible.

Are you certified?

Rarely will employers give you a chance to work for their organizations if you’re not a certified Scrum-Master? Therefore, make sure all your documents are in order before applying. Nevertheless, be honest, even if you lack it. Tell the employer you’re working on getting one.

What Scrum roles do you know?

You need to understand the different roles that exist in Scrum. For the most part, it revolves around three roles. Apart from that of Scrum-Master, the other two roles are the Product Owner and Delivery Team. Share your understanding of these cross-functional roles.

What is the Scrum Master’s Role?

What do you understand about your role as a Scrum-Master within the software development or agile team? Ideally, your answer should be concise. In it, explain that you are here to serve the Delivery Team by:

  • Shielding them from all possible distractions
  • Helping the team to complete its sprint goal
  • Removing roadblocks
  • Training and encouraging the team members to be more self-organized
  • Serving as a coach who can teach the team values and principles of Scrum and Agile

What will be the Daily Stand-Up?

Daily Stand-Up refers to the routines each morning. Ideally, the team should meet for roughly a quarter-of-an-hour each morning to evaluate what happened the previous day. Additionally, the team will also plan what to do today and discuss any pending impediments.

When should you set Scrum aside in favor of traditional project management (Waterfall)?

Scrum is or will not always be the best solution for all projects. At times, you may need to go for traditional project management or Waterfall. For the most part, Waterfall would be the best option if the project meets the following conditions:

  • It has simple requirements
  • It comes with predictable expectations
  • Its specifications are not only fully defined but also well understood
  • Its specs are set in stone, thus unlikely to change

How long does a scrum print last?

The length of a scrum print depends on several factors. Arguably, the most important determinant is the project size. Additionally, the team appointed to work on it also determines how long it will last. Typically, it lasts 2-4 weeks and has a team of 3-9 members.

What are some common impediments in Scrum?

What is more, the prospective employers would always be interested in your understanding of some of the most common impediments in Scrum. Mostly, your team is likely to encounter the following barriers:

  • Missing resources
  • Sick team member
  • Organizational, technical, or operational difficulties
  • Lack of supportive systems from the management
  • Business-related problems
  • External issues
  • Lack of proper knowledge and skills

In conclusion, use this as your guide to some of the most commonly asked questions in Scrum-Master interviews. Nevertheless, do not let this guide stop you from studying this matter more so that you turn up for the interview well prepared for whatever awaits!

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